Inter-Provincial Coordination Committee (IPCC):-

IPCC was re-constituted vide this Ministry’s O.M No.1(3)/2011-IPC-I dated 26th April, 2011 with following composition and TORs:-


•         Minister for IPC                                                      Chairman

•         Chief Minister of Provinces                                     Members

•         Federal Minister In-charge concerned                    Member

          with the subject matter (by special invitation)


Chief Secretaries of the Provinces and Federal Secretaries concerned with the subject are to be invited to attend the meeting by special invitation.

          Terms of Reference (TORs)

  i.        General Coordination between the Federal Government and the Provinces in economic, social and administrative fields.

    ii.        Promoting uniformity of approach in formulation of policies and their implementation by the Provinces and the Federal Government in all Fields of common national concern.

   iii.        Discussion of policy issues emanating from the Provinces that have economic, social or administrative implications for the country as a whole.

  iv.        Any other matter referred by a Province or any of the Ministries or Divisions of the Federal Government.



          Meetings of Inter Provincial Coordination Committee :-

27 meetings of IPCC have so far been convened. Detail of the same is as under:-

Ø  1st meeting             13th January 1993

Ø  2nd meeting           11th April, 1993

Ø  3rd meeting           16th September, 1997

Ø  4th meeting            4th April, 1998

Ø  5th meeting            3rd May, 1999

Ø  6th meeting            30th May, 2000

Ø  7th meeting            25th May, 2004

Ø  8th meeting           18th September, 2006

Ø  9th meeting            16th December, 2006

Ø  10th meeting           9th April,2007

Ø  11th meeting           23rd October, 2007

Ø  12th meeting           5th January, 2009

Ø  13th meeting           2nd Feb. 2009

Ø  14th meeting          8th July, 2009

Ø  15th meeting          2nd February, 2010

Ø  16th meeting          11th February, 2010

Ø  17th meeting           4th March, 2010

Ø  18th meeting           25th March, 2010

Ø  19th meeting           17th April, 2010

Ø  20th meeting           17th February, 2011

Ø  21st meeting          3rd January, 2013

Ø  22nd meeting         31st March, 2015

Ø  23rd meeting           6th May, 2015

Ø  24th meeting           9th December, 2015

Ø  25th meeting          7th Sept. 2017

Ø  26th meeting          19th Sept. 2017

Ø  27th meeting          9th Oct. 2017